Full name is Patricia Bereniké Staňková, née Sýkorová. She was born 13.1.1974  in Prague.  She attended courses of drawing by painter Prof.akad. Boris Jirků at Academy of Art - Architecture and Design in Prague.  Here she also tried litography under the guidance  of a teacher MgA.Vladimíra Šturmova. Subsequent study of humanities was for her a source of inspiration which still continues and mirrored as in her thinking and worths as in her work.

From all her profesors  most  influence her the religionist Prof.PhDr. Blahoslav Hruška, DrSc.,  in which she honor him with the cykle of drawings  Hieros gamos, and the philosopher Prof.PhDr. Anna Hogenová, thanks her approach, knowlidges and by her engrossing narrations. Her mystical drawing come out just from this lectures and from recomend litarature, special from "History of religious thinking" from Eliade. Her cration is on the board of realism and mysticism, her passion for detail point out the thinks which are offen overlooked.

Her ideas she can transfer also on the walls of rooms or houses, where then arise the original painting. However her work is not limited only  with painting and drawing. She goes also in for statues and their casting with various material.   Experienced sculptor and restorer Albert Králíček very help her in this area, which is  real expert in this profesion.

She ilustrated the books "King of forest", "33 most beautiful Bohemian and Moravian ruins" and the cover for detective story "The death of temple dancers"  for publishing house Akcent.

She participate in the children´s film festival in Zlin in Czech Republick every year in the projekt "Minisalon of the film´s klaperboards". The hand made film´s klapperboards, vhich the painters paint, are auctioned and the profit goes on the konto of the young  novice filmmakers.

Currently she devotes to making 3D cakes which she consider as a "sculpting exercises."

All her art activities are in spite of its vastness still her hobby.  She manage with her husband and two small kids a hotel in the Bavarian forest in picturesque vilage Habischried, where she also leads workshops for children and adults.