Silicone molds Patricia BereniPortrét Pary na výšku PNG rozmazené okraje ZM

Here are hand-made silicone molds and cutters that I have designed from these original statues. Read more....


I am still working on these products. If you would like to be informed as soon as these forms are ready and ready for sale, please give me your mail here: you can either sign up to receive any news, or click on the "Ask for price" button of the figure you are interested in and a short form will pop up where you can leave a message with an idea, for example, what other forms you would be interested in. Don't hesitate to give me your ideas or contact me in any way! Any feedback is important to me. Thank you. 


two-part silicone budgie mold in life size


Silicone mold for making doves

Small horse

silicone three-part mold for the production of a small 3D ...


Two silicone molds for making a key and lock from fondant ...

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