Statues of various authors

Here you will not only find my sculptures, but also the sculptures of people I know personally, which I love and respect very much, as artists so as people. I gave them space on my website because I think they deserve it. Their works are amazing because they put their entire soul into them. Which you can be sure that the artistic value of these works is much higher than their price. There are not many works in this category, but they are chosen with love. I believe they will enthuse you as much as they enthuse me.

The prices listed here are for works of art only. The method and price of transport will be specified later by the artist according to the currently best and most advantageous offer of carriers. If you are interested in purchasing, please click on Ask for price box and I will contact you directly with the artist!

okr spirála II FEATURED

Spiral II.

Petr Verzich

LIME tree, ELM ...

okr spirála I FEATURED

Spiral I.

Petr Verzich

ALDER combination ...
okr třešeň FEATURED


Petr Verzich

Cherry wood, ...

okr vězení duše FEATURED

Prison for the soul

Petr Verzich

colored MAPLE ...

okr plamen FEATURED


Petr Verzich

colored wood ...

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