Accessories for edible paper

Here you will find everything you need to work with edible paper, such as a gels or sprays, to coat your edible picture, just as, for example, a book that teaches you how to make beautiful flowers out of it.

Wafer Paper Cakes 1 FEATURED

A book Wafer Paper Cakes

Modern cake design with flower making techniques and edible ...
24,90 €
Ikona -Spray na jedlý papír - Jelly Spray 2 FEATURED

Jelly Spray

Edible paper gel in spray 200ml
5,40 €
Ikona - Modecorgel 2 FEATURED

Modecorgel 50g

This gel is used to protect and brighten colors on edible ...
2,50 €

Piping Gel 350g

Piping Gel extra recipe 350 g / plastic cup This gel is ...
4,50 €